Beta Pokemon Archive

A database of leaked beta Pokemon, going over each one individually with all known information about them.

Gold and Silver "Korean S/C Leak"

This section will only go over Pokemon exclusive to the Korean S/C Leaks. Pokemon that later appeared in later leaks are skipped.

These designs were uncovered in April 2020. The Pokemon found only have black and white sprites, with no info known beyond their art. It's most likely they were scrapped incredibly early into development, and may have never been implemented in the game at all. As such these are the earliest scrapped Pokemon of the second generation, dating early 1997.

Because these Pokemon do not have names, I will be numbering them in the order they were in the original leak, and I will give them a "codename" to help keep track. Keep in mind the numbers and codenames are only to keep track of these Pokemon, and is not info that came with the original leak.

001 - "Kokopelli"

The second earliest design in the Korean S/C Leaks, only beaten out by Honooguma. This design is based on Kokopelli, a fertility deity in Hopi Mythology. It's likely its design was later revamped into Celebi.

Possible type: Grass/Psychic

002 - "Small Worm"

An adorable, long worm-like Pokemon with beady eyes and what might be two small wings on the back of its thin body.

Possible type: Bug/Flying

003 - "Fire Fox"

A fox-like Pokemon with a flaming tail. Its design may have been utilized at a much later time to design Fennekin.

Possible type: Fire

004 - "Ball Bud"

A simple, round Pokemon. Based on the Pokemon listed after it, it appears to be a 3 stage Pokemon that branches between two possible evolutions.

Possible type: Grass

005 - "Ball Sprout"

Clearly an evolution of "Ball Bud", now sporting leaves on its head and paw-like feet.

Possible type: Grass

006 - "Ball Plant"

Looks to be one of two possible evolutions to "Ball Sprout". This may have been a design used to initially pitch the concept of Day/Night evolutions.

Possible type: Grass

007 - "Dark Ball Plant"

Looks to be the other possible evolution to "Ball Sprout". May have been obtained by evolving "Ball Sprout" at night.

Possible types: Grass/Dark, Grass/Poison

008 - "Elephant"

An early Elephant Pokemon design. Looks very similar to the Elephant from the 2018 Satoshi Manga.

It should be noted that this design is most likely NOT Donphan, as Donphan's design was finalized by this point in development. It's possible this would have been related to the family, however.

Possible type: Ground

009 - "Ratu"

An evolution of Natu that would have evolved into Xatu. Considering at this point in development this was a 3 stage Pokemon, and how early they were designed, it's possible they may have been concenptualized as the regional bird for Gold/Silver.

Possible type: Psychic/Flying

010 - "Kiwi"

A flightless bird Pokemon, inspired by the Kiwi Bird. Its most notable trait is how it looks both like a kiwi bird and a kiwi fruit!

Possible type: Grass/Flying

011 - "Scorpion"

A scorpion Pokemon that may have inspired Skorupi of Generation 4. Its singular eyeball and sharp design makes it stand out from Skorupi, however.

Possible type: Poison/Dark

012 - "Reedling"

A round bird Pokemon that may be inspired by the Bearded Reedling.

Possible type: Normal/Flying

013 - "Musical Bird"

A strange, thin Pokemon that curls into its own body. Looks like it may be based on a harp or the Treble Clef.

Possible type: Normal/Flying

014 - "Pufferfish"

An angry looking pufferfish Pokemon. This may have been an evolution concept for Qwilfish; however, Shibirefugu also existed at this time. As such, Qwilfish may have originally been planned to be a 3 stage Pokemon.

Possible type: Water (Qwilfish was Pure Water originally, so the same would be likely for this Pokemon)

015 - "Boar"

A boar Pokemon that may have eventually become Piloswine.

Possible types: Ground, Ground/Ice

016 - "Puppy"

An adorable bipedal puppy Pokemon. It has many similarities to Pudi, and may have been an earlier design for it. However, both existed at the same time in this archive, so it's possible this Pokemon was unrelated.

Possible types: Fire, Normal

017 - "Wisp"

A round ghost Pokemon wearing Hitaikakushi, with two wisps floating around it. Coincidentally looks very similar to Wisp from Animal Crossing.

Possible types: Ghost, Ghost/Fire

018 - "Longship"

A large Pokemon that resembles a Nordic Longship, and likely would have been used by trainers to travel the ocean.

Possible type: Water

019 - "Lion"

Based on its large, imposing design, this Lion like Pokemon may have been a legendary Pokemon. It's theorized this would have been the original second "box legendary" to counter Ho-oh.

Possible type: Fire

020 - "Ball Rabbit"

This rabbit Pokemon has been theorized to be an early concept for a "Pikachu clone" design.

Possible type: Electric

021 - "Feather Snake"

A snake Pokekmon with what appear to be feathers on its head. Possibly related to earlier versions of Dunsparce, or to "Small Snake".

Possible type: Normal

022 - "Scarecrow"

A bird Pokemon that's also a scarecrow. It's likely designed around the pied crow, creating an ironic design of a crow scarecrow.

Possible type: Ground/Flying

023 - "Gargoyle"

This Gargoyle-like Pokemon may have been an early concept for a pre-evolution to Aerodactyl. Its most striking features are its large tail and lack of arms and wings.

Possible type: Rock

024 - "Manboo-2"

The original evolution to the Pokemon "Manboo", who later appeared in the Spaceworld 1997 leak. It was likely scrapped early on in favor of using "Ikari" and "Gurotesu" as its evolution line.

Possible type: Water

025 - "Manboo-3"

The evolution of "Manboo-2". Likely scrapped for the same reasons.

Possible type: Water

026 - "Ninja Squirrel"

A Pokemon based on a flying squirrel, sporting a ninja motive and a katana on its back. We wouldn't see a flying squirrel Pokemon until Generation 5's Emolga.

Possible type: Steel/Flying

027 - "Tail Fox"

A Pokemon fox sporting a gigantic tail and no legs. May have been the original concept behind Furret.

Possible type: Normal

028 - "Mother Stork"

A motherly Stork Pokemon carrying a baby bird with her beak. Considering the baby bird itself has never appeared as its own Pokemon in any leak, it's likely this baby would have been like Baby Kangaskhan.

Possible type: Normal/Flying

029 - "Drill Squid"

A squid Pokemon with drills attached to two tentacles. These drills may be just fake patterns, since they only appear on the front of the Pokemon.

This Pokemon may have been related to "063" from the leaked Pokemon Red/Green backsprites.

Possible type: Water/Steel

030 - "Bagworm"

A bagworm Pokemon that may have inspired the Pokemon Burmy from Generation 4.

Possible type: Bug

031 - "Moth"

An adorable moth Pokemon that wears its old cocoon around its body. It may have inspired the Pokemon Mothim from Generation 4.

Possible type: Bug/Flying

032 - "Koala"

A koala Pokemon that hangs off of a large piece of bamboo. This Pokemon may have inspired the Pokemon Komala from Generation 7.

Possible type: Normal

033 - "Flaming Tanuki"

A Tanuki Pokemon with a flaming bundle on its back. Its inspiration comes from the Japanese folktale "Kachi-kachi Yama".

Possible type: Normal/Fire

034 - "Megaphone Bird"

A bird Pokemon with a large beak that resembles a Megaphone.

Possible type: Steel/Flying

035 - "Spike Frog"

A frog Pokemon with a large tongue and spikes on its face.

Possible type: Water

036 - "Strange Pig"

A bizarre four legged creature making a silly face. It's unknown what this Pokemon's inspiration is, but it may be a pig.

Possible type: Dark(?)

037 - "Skeleton"

A gigantic skeleton with large fangs and a visible upper gum. It's possible this was an early concept for a fossil Pokemon, or a fossilized version of one (like Skeleton Kabutops and Aerodactyl).

Possible types: Rock, Rock/Dragon

038 - "Ear Chinchilla"

A chinchilla Pokemon with gigantic ears that resembles the Pol's Voice from Legend of Zelda. May have inspired the Pokemon Minccino from Generation 5.

Possible type: Normal

039 - "Mosquito"

A mosquito Pokemon with a large head and stripes going down its body.

Possible types: Bug/Flying, Bug/Poison

040 - "Eyeball Flower"

A flower with a large, imposing eye, and spikes across its flowerhead.

Possible type: Grass/Poison

041 - "Flying Beetle"

A beetle Pokemon with large wings and possibly wearing a helmet.

Possible type: Bug/Flying

042 - "Egg Dragon"

A baby dragon Pokemon with a large cracked egg on top of its head. This Pokemon may have inspired Cranidos from Generation 4, and Jangmo-o from Generation 7.

Possible type: Dragon

043 - "Flower Angelfish"

An angelfish pokemon that also resembles a flower. May have inspired the Pokemon Cherrim from Generation 4.

Possible type: Water/Grass

044 - "Armored Seal"

A seal-like Pokemon with armor on its back and a large tail. May be the pre-evolution to "Longboat".

Possible type: Water/Steel

045 - Sato

A fish Pokemon with wings and bird legs. Mysteriously, not only is this the last Pokemon unique to the Korean S/C leak, but it's the only that had a name: Sato.

Possible type: Water/Flying

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