7/24/2020 ROM Information Dump

On July 24th, 2020, a "Gigaleak" of ROMs leaked onto the internet for source codes and prototypes of various games. This is a reference page for the Super Nintendo games leaked here.

This page is currently for each file I go through, preserving it as I see fit.

For a look at the exciting stuff Click here.


Various uncompressed sprite sheets from Yoshi's Island.


More uncompressed Yoshi sprites, these times not rendering correctly.


Uncompressed GB sprites for a game called kusa-sml.

TO DO: Look through the rest of the files in the hati-toru folder.


This folder has various references to Mario .obj files dating as far back as 1990. Will need to study further.


Uncompressed sprites of Star Fox 2. In fact, this entire folder is Star Fox 2 sprites. Couldn't find anything that was unused however.


Despite a humorous filename, SEX.cgx only seems to contain tilesets for a Super Famicom game.


More tilesets, including a cute friendly smile.


Nearly identical to the last two files, except now including some text. NEEDS TRANSLATION


Sprites of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, including a reference shot of Link and the floating panels that attack Link in certain dungeons.


Title screen of Mario's Picross for the Gameboy. Note that this doesn't properly render on a GB at this point; The file p_title_1.cgx does, however. They are identical in every other way.


A walkcycle of some kind. My best guess is this was a test at using pre rendered 3D sprites on the SFC.


More prerendered 3D animations. No idea what this was supposed to be.


More prerendered 3D animations. This time it's a person swinging at something.


A very corrupted version of the 01 animation.


Early Zelda ALTTP sprites.


Early Link sprites. The palette was created by me and is not accurate, rather there to make it easier to showcase these sprites.

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